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Try Not To Laugh At What NM Tried To Do To Its Sheriffs

Sheriffs from New Mexico where in for a bit of a surprise after arriving in Santa Fe to meet with lawmakers and the state’s governor.

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Murder Proves Gun Control Is Ineffective

A man in California used a handgun to murder a rookie police officer, despite laws that say he should never have been able to acquire them.

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DOJ Report Proves Legal Guns Don’t Cause Crime

A recent report by the Department of Justice is giving legal gun owners a reason to celebrate after it found that out of almost 300,000 prisoners who were apprehended with a firearm, only 7 percent of them bought the weapon from a licensed dealer. 

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Virginia May Start Banning Firearms

Gun owners in Virginia have plenty to be worried about with Governor Ralph Northam’s newly proposed ban.

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Major Setback For Iowa Gun Owners

In a blow to gun owners living in Iowa, a Republican-led bill to add gun rights to the state constitution has been forced to start from scratch after a “bureaucratic oversight.”

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