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Candidate’s THREAT Bad For Gun Owners

One presidential candidate for the 2020 election just shared that if elected Congress will have 100 days to enact stonier gun control, or else. 

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GOP Bill Seeks To Restore 2nd Amendment Rights

Lawful citizens that have been unfairly discriminated against may see their 2nd Amendment rights restored if a Republican bill becomes law.

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US Army Develops This ‘Magic Bullet’

The United States Army is always looking for ways to improve combat capabilities and it seems they’ve hit the mark with a tank round that is being prepped for 2020 use.

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Ocasio-Cortez LIES To Hide From News

It turns out Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is willing to flat out lie in order to keep legitimate news networks from covering her failed events.

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Cops Hunt Disguised Crossbow Wielding Hitman

A manhunt is underway after a 44-year-old woman received life threatening injuries from an assailant that had disguised himself as a delivery man. 

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