2nd Amendment Takes A Hit From Supreme Court

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Gun rights activists are getting spurned by the United States Supreme Court as is constantly shut down any attempts to block the ban on bump stocks.

No less than three separate requests to delay the ban have been submitted in the last week, but the Supreme Court has shot all of them down.

This comes as a slap in the face after the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives changed the bump stock definition to classify it as a “machine gun” so that the ban could move forward without approval from Congress.

Despite this 2nd Amendment advocates have dedicated themselves to reversing the decision with Gun Owners of America legislative counsel Michael Hammond releasing a statement that the, “GOA will continue to fight the issue in the court system, as the case now returns to the lower courts. We remain convinced that the courts will consign this unlawful, unconstitutional ban to the trash bin of history, where it belongs.”

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