50% Ammo Tax Proposed By State’s Dems

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One Democrat is making waves as she attempts to use her first term to raise the price of ammunition by as much as 50 percent.

Jillian Gilchrest is the state representative from Connecticut who introduced the bill, HB 5700. What’s alarming now is that she has gained co-sponsors in the state Senate.

“I’m hearing push back about the need to protect one’s home… but how much ammunition does someone really need to do that?” Gilchrest posted before being slammed with pro-gun replies.

The green lawmaker has ties with several anti-gun groups including Connecticut Against Gun Violence and Moms Demand Action.

Supporters of the bill claim it would reduce gun rates in the state. Yet Connecticut already has a low rate of gun deaths and proponents of the bill also admitted that 83 percent of the state’s gun deaths stem from suicides. 

With both chambers of the Connecticut General Assembly being under Democrat control and new DNC Gov. Ned Lamont in place, things are looking bleak for gun owners in the state.

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