Appropriations bill increases ATF budget

To help combat gun crime, lawmakers increased the ATF’s budget by $35 million for a total of $1.3 billion, according to an announcement by the appropriations committee.

Overall, the appropriations bill contains $54 billion — $4.8 billion than requested — in total discretionary funding,

While it’s a decrease of $2.6 billion from fiscal year 2017, it beefs up budgets for federal law enforcement to crack down on violent crime, illegal immigration and drug trafficking. The Justice Department and it’s agencies are budgeted to receive $29 billion.

The ATF’s $1.3 billion budget will provide “additional resources to reduce violent crime and expedite licensing applications,” the announcement says.

Yet, the bill maintains language to prohibit the implementation of the UN Arms Trade Treaty, and unauthorized reporting and registration requirement on consumers buying multiple rifles or shotguns.

Language in the bill also prioritizes funding for other federal law enforcement agencies to target cybercrime, counter terrorism and espionage.

The FBI would receive $8.8 billion, an increase of $48 million, and the DEA $2.9 billion, an increase of $98 million.

“Federal law enforcement is essential to fighting these threats, protecting our people, and making sure that all those that do harm are brought to justice,” said House Appropriations Chairman Rodney Frelinghuysen. “This bill increases funding for law enforcement – making sure they have the resources they need to fight crime and terrorism.”


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  • batfarts

    Yo! Right to Bear! Please, please, please read what you write before you post. Note the following excerpt:

    … “contains $54 billion — $4.8 billion than requested —…”

    Is that MORE or LESS ‘than requested’???


  • Ken Lela Love

    How about this: The Federal Government get out legislating gun control of any kind, get out of funding cities or states for gun control (or anything else)? Such intervention is (a) a feel-good measure, (b) an expensive measure, (c) not their Constitutional duty, and (d) a way to increase unionized workers in the Federal Government.

    • CompletelyOutsane

      The 2nd Amendment recognizes an UNALIENABLE RIGHT for citizens to KEEP and BEAR ARMS WITHOUT INFRINGEMENT! STOP INFRINGING!

  • don76550

    The problem is, ATF uses these funds to harass law abiding gun owners, not going after criminals