California 2A amendment drive ramps up

A group of Second Amendment advocates is moving forward with a plan to put the right to keep and bear arms in the California Constitution.

Banking on engaging the state’s 13 million gun owners, the 2AforCA effort this week began taking what they term “signature commitments” from registered voters in an effort to build a foundation for the signatures they want to add a constitutional amendment protecting gun rights in California.

“The goal is to stop the insanity coming out of Sacramento and return gun rights to all law-abiding Californians,” Barry Bahrami, one of the group’s organizers, told “There are many gun rights supporters on both sides of the aisle in California. It’s not just a Republican issue. And so, it’s time to get this done.”

In just the first few hours of the effort, which kicked off Thursday, the campaign picked up 8,000 commitments. By Friday morning, the number stood at 14,161.

Bahrami said front-loading the campaign with pledged signers will help speed the petition process along when it goes active. Once the petition process is filed and given the go-ahead to collect signatures, which will start as soon as they reach 800,000 commitments, the group will have six months to collect 585,000 to put the constitutional amendment on the next general election ballot. Further, the effort will have the benefit of petitions that can be printed at home and mailed in, similar to the successful drive to recall Gov. Grey Davis in 2002.

The effort stemmed from the Veto Gunmageddon referendum effort last fall which sought to gather 365,000 signatures on seven different petitions to roll back a group of pending gun control laws. Hamstrung with a narrow six-week window and no budget, the effort came up short, collecting just over half the number of signatures needed, despite hundreds of volunteers and signing locations.

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  • an6thing NOW!


    Anyone who knows CA. knows “VOTES” there mean NOTHING!! r shuld I say “NADA”!
    SO: This ARTICLE *MUST* be a PRANK!

  • disqus_rEWjgfyzIp

    CA does its own things so is a lost cause until they get the idiots out of office

  • gene smiith

    Surely you jest? The Democrats, Gridlock Garcetti, and all the rest of them will fight this like Polio. There
    is only hope for this to come from DC and Maybe then…..but otherwise I doubt it.
    On the other hand, were it to actually pass, maybe that would be a very loud signal that the Democrats are losing power here and wouldn’t that be a JOY TO BEHOLD???

  • Sim Dunn

    Is a SECOND AMENDMENT in the California Constitution going to improve on the “SECOND AMENDMENT” in the “United State Constitution”???

    The Second Amendment was meant to be enforced by “Guns” when violated or denied.

  • generalJed

    In Illinois, we stopped this type of gun control in 1995 by organizing a militia and forcing the other side to back down by force! The Police Chief of Mt. Prospect, illinois quit on the spot, and the Village Council was too scared to pass anything to confiscate our guns. We vowed to go to their homes and enforce their own law against them, if it was passed. The State Police Chief, Terrance Gainer, later ran like a chicken to D.C. . He was the instigator of this trial plot. He did not feel safe in Illinois! This is what Californians with some guts need to do; get some Midwest courage!

  • Valdez

    The leftist are afraid of the armed citizen for they can-not control them. The 2nd Amendment is the sole force behind the “Bill of Rights” that protect the citizen from tyranny and the 1st Amendment. The “Bill of Rights” is the only protection the individual has in our society. The US Constitution gives our government its guide for the protection of the states and to enforce commerce between the states. It does not protect the individual citizen. Know your history or be domed to repeat its mistakes.

  • Donald Lindsey

    The second Amendment is FEDERAL LAW not State and State can not violate this law. A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

    In the 2008 case District of Columbia v. Heller, the Supreme Court held that the “Second Amendment protects an individual right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in a militia, and to use that arm for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home.”

  • patricksperry

    Back in the day we had to pass, with a score of 100%. What was called “The Constitution Test” in order to get from 8th grade into High School. One of the questions was; Why is the Second Amendment not in the California State Constitution? The correct answer was because it is a right that is guaranteed by the federal Constitution.

    At some point in time after I left in 1978 that requirement was dropped by the leftists…