Candidate’s Outrageous Claim About Gun Sales

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Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand was at a campaign event when she decided to drop a bombshell opinion about the motivations of gun manufacturers. 

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Despite having an A rating from the NRA in 2007 to 2009, Gillibrand apparently sought to burn that bridge to the ground as she spoke out against them before turning her sights on manufacturers. 

During her rant Gillibrand actually claimed that firearm makers seek to gain profit by any means necessary, including sales to terrorists and deranged shooters. 

The senator stated:

“Because gun manufacturers only care about gun sales, they oppose the common sense reform that can save lives. They want to oppose universal background checks because they want to sell an assault rifle to a teenager in a Walmart or to someone on the terror watch list or to someone who’s gravely mentally ill with a violent background or to someone with a criminal conviction for a violent crime. They want to sell those weapons, that is why they oppose universal background checks.”

How jaded does one person have to be in order to believe that a company is actually trying to encourage mass murders? If there was any truth to her statement liberals would have already picked the industry apart. 

No, this is simply incorrect. If anything it’s merely a tactic to stand out in an already crowded 2020 race.

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