2nd Amendment

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One State Set to STRIKE DOWN All Federal Gun Control Laws

Republicans in one state are making a heroic stand against oppression by proposing a bill that would negate all Federal gun laws and regulations.

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GOP Bill Seeks To Restore 2nd Amendment Rights

Lawful citizens that have been unfairly discriminated against may see their 2nd Amendment rights restored if a Republican bill becomes law.

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This State Just Made Gun Confiscation Legal

Democrats have managed to overthrow reason in one state by signing into law a bill that allows courts to order the confiscation of private arms.

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2nd Amendment Takes A Hit From Supreme Court

Gun rights activists are getting spurned by the United States Supreme Court as is constantly shut down any attempts to block the ban on bump stocks.

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Trouble Brewing Over ‘Red Flag’ Gun Laws

Colorado is becoming a battleground for gun rights after the state attorney general declared that country sheriffs unwilling to enforce newly proposed anti-gun “red-flag” bill should “resign.”

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