2nd Amendment

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Trouble Brewing Over ‘Red Flag’ Gun Laws

Colorado is becoming a battleground for gun rights after the state attorney general declared that country sheriffs unwilling to enforce newly proposed anti-gun “red-flag” bill should “resign.”

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Pro-Gun Celeb Slammed For Doing This

The haters on social media came out in droves after professional motocross competitor Carey Hart posted a video.

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This Makes South Dakota One Of The Best States To Carry

Senate members in South Dakota overwhelmingly supported and passed a bill that deems the Second Amendment as the only license needed to carry a concealed weapon in the state.

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Austin Faces Consequences Of Trying To Ban Guns

Austin, Texas is now paying for its mistakes after city officials violated state law by trying to ban guns from Austin City Hall.

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Try Not To Laugh At What NM Tried To Do To Its Sheriffs

Sheriffs from New Mexico where in for a bit of a surprise after arriving in Santa Fe to meet with lawmakers and the state’s governor.

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