Gun Control

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Major Retailer Removes Rifles From 125 Stores

The number of places where U.S. citizens can buy a hunting rifle just shrank yet again.

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Washington’s Latest Gun Control Push

With the House of Representatives firmly under the control of Democrats, gun control legislation is running rampant.

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Judge Moves This Ban Forward

Gun rights activists have been dealt another blow following a federal judge’s decision to allow the Trump administration to ban “bump-stocks.”

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CT Dems Want To Take These Guns

In Stamford, Connecticut Democratic city lawmakers are trying to make if possible for police to confiscate homemade firearms. 

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Again? Dems Revive This Ban Bill

Democrats in the House are back to their old tricks after trying and failing to ban air travel and beef with a crazy environmental proposal. Now they’re sticking to what they know and once again trying to ban “assault weapons.”

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