Gun Control

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Democrats Feud Over Who Takes Away The Most Rights

A pair of Democrats, vying for the 2020 presidency, are locking horns over who can do the most damage to United States freedoms.

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Gun Control FAILS To Stop California Shooting

The state of California has an abundance of gun control laws enforced by Democrats but they still weren’t enough to stop another shooting.

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Candidate’s THREAT Bad For Gun Owners

One presidential candidate for the 2020 election just shared that if elected Congress will have 100 days to enact stonier gun control, or else. 

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This State Just Made Gun Confiscation Legal

Democrats have managed to overthrow reason in one state by signing into law a bill that allows courts to order the confiscation of private arms.

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This Gun Part Now Officially BANNED in U.S.

After courts refused to hear an appeal from gun makers, rate of fire enhancing bump stocks are now officially illegal to own in the United States.

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