Gun Control

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Again? Dems Revive This Ban Bill

Democrats in the House are back to their old tricks after trying and failing to ban air travel and beef with a crazy environmental proposal. Now they’re sticking to what they know and once again trying to ban “assault weapons.”

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Congress Under Siege By Anti-Gun Bills

House Democrats have introduced no less than 6 new bills to Congress, all with the aim of banning, restricting or monitoring firearms in the United States.

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Red Tape Shutters State’s Dealers

Many firearm shops in Illinois are being forced to close because of a hot-button law that ensures state-level gun licensing. 

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50% Ammo Tax Proposed By State’s Dems

One Democrat is making waves as she attempts to use her first term to raise the price of ammunition by as much as 50 percent.

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2020 Candidate Coming For Guns

After announcing her bid for presidency, Sen. Kamala Harris used her first town hall appearance to call for stricter gun control.

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