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Did Michelle Obama Try To BURY Jussie Smollet’s Case?

The fact that any members of the Obama era administration had any involvement in this case is shocking all on its own.

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Sandy Hook Granted Lawsuit Against Remington

Remington Outdoor Co Inc will be forced into a legal battle after the Connecticut Supreme Court allowed a lawsuit against them to proceed.

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State Bill Could Affect Armed Teachers

Things could be changing for teachers who regularly carry in the state of North Carolina. At least they will if a Republican led bill passes the State senate.

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This Republican Just One-Upped Captain America

It’s not everyday that you get a chance to outdo the hero known as Captain America. However Rep. Dan Crenshaw managed to snag that honor during a meeting with the actor who portrays him, Chris Evans. 

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Reasons GOP Insists On Emergency Border Wall

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) recently sat down with CNN’s “New Day,” to give better insight as to why the GOP is pushing to keep Trump’s national emergency declaration alive.

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