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Surprising DIY Firing Range

The issue of finding a reliable and affordable range to shoot at in California is a well known struggle to it’s law abiding citizens. That didn’t make the discovery of a personal firing range inside a suspected gang members house any less surprising however.

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Reopened Gov Puts ATF In A Pinch

With the government shutdown at an end things can finally start to return to normalcy in the world of legal gun ownership. Here’s hoping it can last long enough to catch up. 

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Gillibrand’s Past Shows Strong Support For NRA

Newly emerging evidence shows that Kirsten Gillibrand quickly moved left on matters of gun control in 2009 to gain popularity in upstate New York.

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NRA Supports Bill To Make Indiana Safer

The National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) is fully supporting two bills coming out of the Indiana State Legislature which will allow law abiding Hoosiers greater abilities to protect themselves and their families.

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Gov Shutdown Gums Up Completion Of These Forms

The American Suppressor Association has confirmed that the continued government shutdown is hurting the completion of regulation paperwork.

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