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Cops Hunt Disguised Crossbow Wielding Hitman

A manhunt is underway after a 44-year-old woman received life threatening injuries from an assailant that had disguised himself as a delivery man. 

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New Bill A Win For Gun Owners

A new, bipartisan bill looks to give gun owners something to look forward to and is making headway towards its goal. 

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Customs & Border Protection Will Rely On THIS

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency is the largest entity in the Department of Homeland Security, and they’ve recently announced their plans for future equipment. 

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Barr Reveals When Mueller Report Will Be Released

The House Appropriations Committee hearing of Attorney General William Barr has already led to a big revelations regarding the Mueller report. 

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The Step Mexico Refuses To Take

With reports that another colossal caravan is assembling, President Donald Trump has warned that he is prepared to shut down the U.S.-Mexico border. That is unless Mexico makes a bigger effort to stem the flow of illegal immigrants it allows to pass through the country to the U.S. simply because […]

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