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What the U.S. Banking Powers Don’t Want You to Know

shutterstock_174424535Right this very moment, the U.S. banking powers are scheming for a way to lawfully and legally confiscate your cash.

This is not a joke. I am dead serious. Let me explain…

When Long Term Capital threatened to bring down the entire financial system in 1998, Wall Street bailed them out.

When Wall Street threatened to bring down the entire financial system in 2008, the U.S. government bailed them out.

So what happens when the financial crisis is so big that even the government can’t stop it? What happens then?

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This is the frightening scenario The Powers That Be are preparing for. And they have already devised a plan to save themselves at the expense of ordinary people like you and me.

In fact, they’ve already tested and proven their idea. They’ve done at least two different “trial runs” — one in the U.S. and one in Europe.

Both were successful.

Click Here Now to Discover What the Banking Powers Don’t Want You to Know — And How You Can Protect Yourself from Their Evil Plans

They’re now doing their best to keep their evil plans from being discovered. Because if Americans “wise up” to what they’re really trying to do, there could be widespread panic and bank runs the very same week.

Listen up… you need to know what’s happening behind the scenes, which is why we’ve prepared a free special report that reveals everything you need to know about the banks’ plans to confiscate your wealth and how to prepare.

This special report is yours FREE when you click this link…

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Will Obama Put an END to This Magic Tax Form?

ObamaendformA best-selling author and former IRS attorney has released a radical new tax plan to cut Americans’ tax bills by as much as 40% or more in some cases.

So far, 127,531 Americans have used his system to cut their taxes as much as $18,000, depending on their tax burden. All 100% legal, and all while essentially vanishing off the IRS’ radar.

No worries about audits. No unwanted knocks on their doors.

And this man’s radical new tax-slashing plan couldn’t have come at a better time.

According to the Center for Federal Tax Policy, thanks to more than 442 proposed tax increases since 2009, the average American taxpayer now works just over three hours a day to foot his share of the tax bill.

Now with the IRS looking to squeeze even more from the average American, this ex-IRS attorney has had enough. To spread his tax-slashing system far and wide, he’s recently partnered with the Laissez Faire Club, a Baltimore-based publisher that shows readers how to live a happier, healthier life.

Together, this research team has uncovered 97 little-known, yet easy-to-use tax secrets — all designed to show everyday Americans how to become what they call “tax wise.”

Ana Prior, who writes about taxes for The Wall Street Journal, says just 10 of these secrets “could potentially result in a savings of more than $15,000 per year.”

Amanda Harris, Money magazine’s senior editor, found a man in Los Angeles who used these secrets to slash his tax bill by more than $200,000, from 30% to 3%.

And according to Forbes, one of these simple tips could be “the secret to a tax-free retirement.”

“We’ve found that almost every person using this system could save between $2,000-18,000, on next year’s taxes,” says Laissez Faire Club’s director Doug Hill.

“It’s crazy, but not too many people know all these savings could be theirs,” continues Mr. Hill. “All because of something we’ve dubbed ‘the Magic Tax Form’ around the office.”

Unfortunately, not everyone can use this form. “To qualify, you must have at least 10 specific personal expenses,” says Mr. Hill.

But once you know the form, and how to properly file it, the savings could be huge.

[Editor’s note: To find out which personal expenses you qualify for, click here.]

Former Navy man George Riley of Indiana defied his accountant to save $50,000 in taxes. He used a part of the system called “IRS proof fun.”

Mr. Riley took tax-deductible vacations, played tax-deductible golf, and used personal expenses to lower his tax bill in many cases. He told researchers about his life-altering discovery, saying: “I was amazed at what the government lets you write off!”

“But if people want to slash their taxes, they must act now,” says Mr. Hill. “We’re always worried that the government could force whistle-blower accountants and my Laissez Faire Club to take down information related to these topics.”

[Editor’s note: To view the Laissez Faire Club’s controversial tax-slashing tips inside their presentation, click here.]

Everyday citizens from nearly every state in the union are raving about the simplicity of this system.

Like Andy and Mariah James of Chandler, Arizona, who told us they saved “$16,000 in taxes last year alone!”

And Tracy Laws of Salt Lake City, Utah, who said, “My husband and I saved almost $40,000 on our taxes by applying the strategies we learned…”

The best part?

Mr. Hill claims, “You don’t need to be an accountant to take advantage of this. In fact, you don’t need to know anything other than basic math.”

That’s why the Laissez Faire Club — an independent organization focused on showing its members how to live more self-reliantly — has conducted its own 13-month investigation into this remarkable new system.

They’ve just finalized everything in a special presentation that you can watch on their website for free. Already, 73,000 Americans have viewed this presentation.

As this year’s tax season approaches, ask yourself: Do you want to be a victim? Or one of America’s most “tax wise”?

[Editor’s note: Mr. Hill has posted the entire presentation of tax-slashing tips online for free viewing. Watch the video — before he’s forced to pull it offline — right here.]

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Health Scandal Involving the Obama Administration Could Be Poisoning You and Your Family

Whatnevertobuy (2)Not many people know this story… but in 1998 an unprecedented coalition of scientists, religious leaders, health professionals and consumers sued the government.

This lawsuit, filed in Federal District Court, forced the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to turn over 44,000 pages of internal government memos into the public domain.

Memos that our own government NEVER wanted you to see… because they reveal shocking proof of a health scandal that could be making you and your family sick.

They’ve managed to keep this scandal a secret for the past 15 years. But an independent research group called the Laissez Faire Club has recently exposed all the details in a shocking new video.

This organization has already exposed investment secrets from Wall Street insiders… health secrets Big Pharma hopes you never discover… tax secrets the IRS doesn’t want you to know… and more.

And now they’re blowing the whistle on the food industry.
But let me warn you… the information you’re about to see you is extremely controversial. Fox News has already been forced to censor coverage of this scandal.

After receiving a letter with threats of “dire consequences”, the TV network decided to never air the story… and fired all the reporters involved.

That means the government and big corporations could ban this video anytime.

[Editor’s note: Click here to watch this shocking video while it’s still available.]

“In short, what we’ve found is that the food we’re eating could be poisoning us. I’m talking about food you probably have in your kitchen, in your refrigerator, right now. Food that could be killing us early, in the name of corporate profits and political power,” says the Laissez Faire Club’s director, Doug Hill.

“We’ve even uncovered an internal document from food companies with files so secret that they’re labeled… ‘CONFIDENTIAL, READ AND DESTROY.’ These documents prove the food we’re eating may be causing us and our loved ones to die early deaths, despite having some of the world’s best health care,” continues Mr. Hill.

A study from the Harvard Medical School, for instance, shows that some types of milk could cause as much damage to your health as smoking four packs of cigarettes a day!

Dr. Jenny Pompilio, a physician with Kaiser Permanente in Oregon, says: “It has been known for years that the substance inside this type of milk is linked with cancers.”

In the video, Mr. Hill says that “there’s a good chance this milk may be in your fridge right now. It was in mine, too. Until I came across the research you’re about to see.”

The good news is this potentially dangerous milk carries a specific four-letter word on its label. “If you’re drinking milk with this word on the label, I urge you to stop immediately,” warns Mr. Hill.

[Editor’s note: Click here to find out the four-letter word you need to look for.]

And that’s just one of the many food secrets his team exposes in this brand-new video. Millions of Americans have already viewed this presentation, which is available on their website for free.

And here’s the best part… the video is packed with dozens of simple solutions that could help you live a longer, healthier life. For example, you’ll discover details about…

  • The one thing that could be silently killing you… and 10 natural ways to fight it.
  • 10 foods you should NEVER eat. They’re banned in other countries, but I bet you’ll find at least one of them in your fridge right now.
  • 28 “super foods” that can help you prevent chronic illnesses.
  • Five “poisons” that are approved by the FDA.

The solutions are affordable and easy to implement. You don’t have to worry about spending thousands of dollars a year to switch to foods with fancy organic labels.

With these secrets, you’ll be able to eat all your favorite food, without falling into the many traps of our dangerous food system.

The video even shows you how to get healthy, mouthwatering food for just pennies on the dollar.

With all this information, you’ll be able to secure a lifetime of health for yourself and your family.

Don’t you and your loved ones deserve to live a longer, healthier, and happier life?

[Editor’s note: Mr. Hill has posted this entire presentation for free viewing. Watch the video — before he’s forced to pull it offline — right here.]

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Radical New “Underground Banking System” Is Offering the Ultimate Safe Haven for Growing and Protecting Your Wealth


After 272 years of successful business, Wegelin & Co., a Swiss bank, closed its doors forever.

For decades, the historic bank — along with its Swiss competitors — offered wealthy Americans the ultimate safe haven for storing and growing their wealth. But no longer will any Swiss banks offer their clients world-class privacy and anonymity.

Due to pressure from U.S. regulators eager to sniff out wandering tax dollars, Swiss banks are now reporting account holder information to the IRS as fast as they possibly can.

So what’s a privacy-driven investor to do? There’s good news.

Just as the Swiss banking era is winding down, a new “underground” banking system is emerging and offering far greater benefits to account holders.

[Editor’s note: To see the full benefits of opening an “underground bank account,” simply click here.]

Described in a little-known paper by the Michigan Law Review, the researchers noted this new type of banking system “could potentially defeat governments’ recent successes in addressing offshore tax evasion.”

This new “underground bank account” has lawmakers and regulators anxiously calling expert witnesses, viewing presentations and commissioning studies to find out exactly what it is… and why people are all over the country are buying in.

What they found was surprising. The benefits are astounding.

Protection from the continued demise of the dollar? Check. This new bank account could grow your wealth faster than inflation can destroy it.

Protection from stealing your money and using your hard-earned dollars as a “bail in” to protect the fragile banking system? Check. The money inside this new system is virtually untraceable — just like cash.

Protection from any possible 401(k) confiscation by the feds? Check. This new system has no authority that the feds can intimidate into giving them private financial data.

Even better: Unlike the Swiss bank accounts of old, this “underground bank account” isn’t just a plaything of the wealthy. It can be used by absolutely anyone to grow and protect their wealth.

[Editor’s note: For step-by-step instructions for opening your own “Underground Bank Account,” simply click here.]

One astonished man, Jim Kenna, put just $1,000 into his “account” and watched it grow to nearly $5 million at its peak.

Even bankers are ditching the traditional systems in favor of this new “underground bank account.” Take Jacob Silver, for instance. Mr. Silver was a funds manager at Morgan Stanley. He recently left his job to dive into this system, predicting, “It will be a premier safe-haven asset.”

Now at least six hedge funds are being started to invest in this still little-known system.  And once the media picked up on it, many investors saw it as a new way to hide their wealth as well.

Last year, interest exploded around the globe. The total number of consumer accounts inside this “underground banking system” grew from less than 100,000 to more than 1 million.  Well over 21,000 merchants have also opened accounts. One major gold dealer even announced it will no longer accept U.S. dollars after 2016, preferring to trade entirely with this new system.

Despite this all, the system remains controversial and shrouded in mystery.

Will this system destroy the traditional banking system?

Will it thrust forward the demise of the dollar? The euro? And all paper currencies?

Will it kill the stranglehold that governments around the world put on their citizens?

The Laissez Faire Club, an independent organization focused on showing its members how to live with greater self-reliance, conducted the world’s deepest investigation into the new “underground banking system.” And they’ve now prepared a full presentation on the topic. You can watch their special presentation on their club website for free.

If you’re looking to protect and grow your money, you don’t want to miss this special presentation.

Editor’s note: To view the Laissez Faire Club’s radical presentation, click here. Or just click the picture below to learn how to open your own “Underground Bank Account.”

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Panic: Wall Street Bankers Urgently Pull Money out of Their Own Banks… and Place It Inside a Radical New System

article-1319836-02B2910E00000578-356_468x313What do they know that you and I don’t?

At an exclusive roundtable of prominent bankers in Sacramento, California, last October, bankers feverishly debated the subject of what we’re calling the “underground banking system.”

This radical new system is at a tipping point of changing everything — from how and where people around the world store their money to how much power a government holds over its citizens, and even how Americans spend their money on the Internet.

Policymakers, economists and journalists have called this new system “disruptive.”

According to an extensive research study by the Laissez Faire Club, every $100 parked into this account in January 2013 would have turned into $12,000 before the end of the year.

One young man named Kevin Koch deposited just $27 into this new type of account. He told reporters about his amazing discovery, saying: “Every morning, I went online… and saw that the account grew!”

Now, as Americans continue to “ditch” the traditional banks in favor of this new system, bankers are being left out of the mix altogether. They may soon no longer be needed. And that means no profits to traditional Wall Street bankers.

[Editor’s note: For access to step-by-step instructions for opening your own “underground bank account,” simply click here.]

While many of these bankers are fighting this system and asking Congress to regulate it, our research has found that others are quietly moving their money out of their own banks and into this new system.

George Simon, a banker for 12 years, quit his job in 2013 after discovering this new system, and used the proceeds from this new account to buy land in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.

Several major gold companies are also quietly buying up stakes in this system. One of them said that it was “an opportunity that we did not want to pass up.”

Even merchants around the country are getting increasingly excited about this system. One financial services provider says they are buying in at a rate of 10% per month.

And it’s not just for bankers, merchants and corporate entities. Everyday citizens — from nearly every country in the world — are raving about are the unique benefits that this system is offering its users.

[Editor’s note: Already, more than 1 million Americans, from all 50 states and nearly every city, have opened up their own “underground bank accounts.” To learn how you could open yours, simply click here.]

With no minimums to open an account, no “lockup” periods, no fees for international transfers and no one to report deposits to the Feds, it’s becoming increasingly attractive to people all over the world.

But even that may just be the beginning.

Despite the fact that bankers are either grumbling about these changes or moving their money out of their own banks, it’s clear that the tipping point for banking could be close.

Now, “underground banking” ATMs are popping up in major cities all over the world. And what is certain is that banking will never be the same.

That’s why the Laissez Faire Club — an independent organization focused on showing its members how to live more self-reliantly — has conducted its own months-long investigation into this remarkable new system. They’ve just finalized everything in a special presentation that you can watch on their website, for free.

It’s clear that the history of money is about to change again. Which side will you be on when the shift occurs?

[Editor’s note: To view the Laissez Faire Club’s radical presentation, click here. Or click the picture below to learn how you could open your own “underground bank account.”]