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Image credit: HuffPost

HILARIOUS: Democrats Are BASHING Polls that Put Biden in the Lead!

They have to live with this disaster they created in their own party…

Image credit: CNN.com

Pete Buttigieg’s Family Member DESTROYS His Campaign

This is a big blow to his 2020 presidential hopes…

Image credit: kcra

Chick-fil-A ‘Airport Ban’ Being Investigated by FAA

A couple of airports are learning the hard way that discrimination is intolerable.

Image credit: politico

Trump Trashes Democrats Seeking A ‘Do-Over’

President Trump is berating Democrats as they continue to seek a testimony from Robert Mueller. 

Image credit: foxnews

GOP Traitor Makes Things Worse

After astoundingly endorsing the impeachment of President Donald Trump, one traitorous Republican is choosing to dig his hole deeper. 

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