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Curtis Reeves, Jr. is accused of shooting a man for texting in a theater. Source: Crime Feed

Man Sends Text in Theater, Then Shoots Fellow Moviegoer for Texting

Curtis Reeves Jr. is accused of fatally shooting Chad Oulson in a movie theater during an argument about texting. Oulson was texting his babysitter during the previews when Curtis Reeves became upset. An argument ensued. One witness reported hearing, “Touch me again and I’ll kill you.” Curtis Reeves then shot […]

Image source: Surveillance video via WXYZ-TV

Three Detroit Teens Break into Home, Ignore Warning, Take Gunfire from Armed and Dangerous Mom

On February 17th, a trio of would-be crooks got an unpleasant surprise when they messed with the wrong mom in a Detroit suburb. Apparently, the homeowners had installed security cameras and bought a rifle after thieves broke into their house two weeks prior. Little did they know their preparation would […]

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