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Gov Pardons FELONS To Get At Trump

Democrats are taking things too far in their prosecution of President Trump.

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The LIE Pelosi Is Trying To Sell

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi mights want to carry a fire extinguisher in her pants after the whopper she just told. 

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Cops Hunt Disguised Crossbow Wielding Hitman

A manhunt is underway after a 44-year-old woman received life threatening injuries from an assailant that had disguised himself as a delivery man. 

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‘MAGA’ Argument Settled By Sword

Things got a little out of hand, even for San Fransisco, when an argument broke out over a “Make America Great Again” cap.

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ANOTHER Candidate Turns Down Capitalism

Another candidate for the 2020 presidency just declined to be called a capitalist, and it’s not Bernie Sanders. 

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