CT Dems Want To Take These Guns

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In Stamford, Connecticut Democratic city lawmakers are trying to make if possible for police to confiscate homemade firearms. 

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Jeffrey Stella and Rodney Pratt are the ones pushing the legislation. 

“How can it be OK for people to manufacture firearms without serial numbers? As a police officer and a city representative, I took oaths to serve and protect people. Anybody can make these untraceable guns. I feel that if more towns push to ban them, the people in Hartford will realize this is what the people want,” Westport News cited Stella.

While untraceable guns have already been banned on a federal level, it looks like the two are in favor of redundancy. 

Pratt noted that the ban was “a good starting point toward more common-sense gun laws,” and that, “We don’t want to sit back and wait for the state.”

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