Dastardly Duo Work To Bury GOP

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Hillary Clinton is propagating the liberal media’s hoaxes in an effort to silence the voices of rival conservatives.

The failed presidential candidate used her Twitter to share a nonsense story from Politico. The linked article was a list of “foreign actors” that have been falsely accused of instigating disinformation efforts against liberal candidates. 

The dubious list targeted the social media accounts of REAL conservative advocates and falsely claimed that they were run by either bots or those working for Russia. The article called for shutting down these accounts in response. 

This has been a consistent tactic of the left. Twist the media into declaring conservatives as a threat and then shut down their platforms therefore making them near I’m possible to be heard. 

With the slew of conservative pages removed from Facebook following the 2016 elections, it isn’t hard to see the familiar attack taking place on Twitter.

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