Democrat’s Clueless Video Falls Flat

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When making a video that has the purpose of apologizing for pst actions, it really helps to you know, apologize. 

Former Vice President is receiving even more backlash after he made a video that attempts to abate the allegations of his unwelcome physical interactions. 

A large part of the problem is how Biden tried to redress the issue as “social norms are changing” rather than his inability to keep his hands to himself. 

In the video that he released to Twitter, Biden makes no attempt at offering an apology for those he’s upset, offering that he will be “more mindful” in the future instead of admitting he’s sorry.

See the odd exchange for yourself below:

The backlash was swift with most immediately pointing out Biden’s failure to apologize.

“Should be noted that Biden doesn’t actually apologize or admit he did anything wrong,” CNN political reporter Nathan McDermott said. “Rather, he’s saying that people are upset with him because society has changed and his actions were actually okay at a different time, they just aren’t in fashion today.”

Guy Benson was more generous in his criticism saying, “I think this is pretty good overall. But I’m not sure it’s a fully satisfactory explanation for some of his grabbiness — and I don’t think I heard an apology to those he made feel uncomfortable. But undoubtedly an improvement upon written statements.”

Where as others ripped both Biden and the Democratic party.

In any case it’s clear that if Biden’s video was meant to smooth things over, it missed by a wide margin. 

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