Democrats Feud Over Who Takes Away The Most Rights

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A pair of Democrats, vying for the 2020 presidency, are locking horns over who can do the most damage to United States freedoms.

Rep. Eric Swalwell has tried to distinguish himself from his competitors by declaring an extreme stance on gun control. Swalwell has said that should he become president he would impose a mandatory buyback of all “military-style weapons” and additionally vowed to arrest those who refused to cooperate.

This gained Swalwell some attention for a time, until Sen. Cory Booker made his own bid to control gun ownership.

Booker recently shared that he would “ban assault weapons,” close “loopholes,” and introduce the requirement that all gun owners have a license. His team declared that this move is the, “most sweeping gun violence prevention proposal ever advanced by a presidential candidate.”

That didn’t sit well with Swalwell, who called Booker out for how he would employ his assault ban.

“I support gun licensing. You need a license to drive a car; using a gun shouldn’t have a lower standard. I want to know if Sen. Booker’s assault weapons ban would include the 15 million on the streets now, or just future sales. My plan bans both,” Swalwell shared with the Washington Examiner.

The bottom line is that both proposals from each Democrat are preposterous. But hopefully they can keep themselves entertained attacking each other while President Trump keeps working on restoring the nation. 

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