Democrats Turn On Pelosi

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Democrats are butting heads with themselves after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared that she would no longer pursue the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

This of course didn’t sit well with many in the party who are foaming at the mouth to take Trump down.

For example, Rep. Al Green held a news conference in which he chastised those who place “political expediency ahead of moral imperative.”

Green has vowed to continue the push for impeachment, despite a lack of foreseeable support. “We should not wait on people who are not coming. That bipartisan ship has already gone to the bottom of the sea of sophistry,” he stated.

Other Democrats have been vocal to the point of offense, like freshman Rep. Rahida Tlaib, who has been known to shout, “we’re going to impeach this mother***er!”

However Nancy Pelosi shouldn’t be given that much credit for her decision. This isn’t about her believing that Trump is innocent so much as it is about Democrats being forced to admit Trump has committed no impeachable offense.  

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