Eric Trump TRASHES This Democrat

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Eric Trump is taking a stand for his father in a drawn out battle against one of the president’s critics.

A Twitter feud has erupted between the young Trump and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio.

It began after de Blasio came to Trump Tower in an attempt to smear the president while threatening the entire Trump family with an excess of fines. 

While the event was a failure, with crowds jeering at the mayor and drowning him out, that didn’t stop Eric Trump from blasting de Blasio for the move. 

Feeling the weight of the barrage, de Blasio responded with this weak reply touting the Green New Deal. 

Eric however didn’t waiver and shot right back with a scathing rebuke. 

It’s evident that de Blasio should spend more time attending his actual duties, but with this display maybe it’s time that someone else assume those responsibilities. 

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