Family Raided For Disobeying Doctor’s Order

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A harrowing experience has befallen a family in Arizona where their children where taken away from them all because they refused to heed their doctor’s advice. 

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The Arizona Department of Child Safety joined the Chandler Police Department to conduct a SWAT style raid in response to a mother deciding that a trip the costly emergency room wasn’t necessary. 

The family in question had a 2-year-old boy they brought to the doctor’s office after he spiked a fever that was over 100 degrees. The doctor urged the mother to take her child to the emergency room, after learning that the child was unvaccinated.

While the mother agreed at first, it soon became apparent that the boy was already recovering after his fever broke and the mother witnessed him playing with his other siblings.

At around 6:30 pm the mother alerted the doctor that the child was recovering and that she didn’t believe that a visit to the ER was necessary. She also expressed her fear that her decision not to vaccinate might run afoul of the Department of Child Safety.

The doctor assured her that no such consequence would take place and convinced the mother to once again agree to take the child into the emergency room. 

But three hours later, the hospital reported to the doctor that the child hadn’t been admitted. The doctor immediately went back on their word and alerted the DCS who involved the local police.

Officers came to the family’s home but were denied entry, with the father of the household saying his son’s “fever broke and he was fine.”

But that DCS was involved now. They informed police that they sought a “temporary custody notice” from a judge. It was granted and shortly after 1 a.m.  officers beats down the door of the family home, guns drawn and took possession of the three children found inside. 

The children have been put into separate foster care homes and currently remain there. The parents where not placed under arrest but must undergo psychological evaluations and complete a “family reunification plan” before their children are returned home. 

Lori Ford with Arizona DCS Oversight, a DCS watchdog group, spoke out about the incident. “They (DCS) had no right to bust into this family’s home and take their kids. But now, they (DCS) have control of this family. These children are traumatized, and all over a fever that wasn’t even a fever anymore when they went to the hospital — just like the parents said.”

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