Gillibrand’s Past Shows Strong Support For NRA

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Newly emerging evidence shows that Kirsten Gillibrand quickly moved left on matters of gun control in 2009 to gain popularity in upstate New York.

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The moderate Democrat from upstate New York caused liberal outrage when she was appointed to the Senate. Gillibrand held an A-rating from the National Rifle Association. She even co-sponsored bills to loosen restrictions on guns in the District of Columbia.

However, on the day of her appointment Gillibrand swore to strengthen background checks with then-Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, D-N.Y. Then within 24-hours, Gillibrand told a Harlem crowd she intends to be flexible on gun control.

Within two years, Gillibrand even voted against the NRA’s entire agenda earning her a F-rating.

McCarthy who was shocked at Gillibrands complete shift on gun control stated, “I remember saying to her one time, ‘Don’t change your mind so fast – learn the issue first.’ ”

Since her shift began in 2009, Gillibrand has now gone as far totally abandoning all of her conservative views and moved even farther left than most other liberals.

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