Gov Shutdown Gums Up Completion Of These Forms

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The American Suppressor Association has confirmed that the continued government shutdown is hurting the completion of regulation paperwork.

“ASA can confirm that the NFA Division is not processing tax-paid transfers during the shutdown,” the group stated.

Affected are forms for National Firearms Act-regulated items including but not limited to silencers, machine guns, and short barreled rifles.

This is because examiners working with the NFA Division are considered “non-essential personnel” leading to them being furloughed. Since they are not working the forms are steadily pilling up in a process that was already hindered by the sheer number o forms submitted.

ASA president, Knox Williams said, “Politics aside, it’s unfortunate that there’s now another reason why NFA applications are being delayed,” according to

Yet the Bank of America is still processing payments sent in for tax stamps on NFA transfers, as it is unaffected by the shutdown and has a contracted to do so.

On that note Williams went on to advise consumers and dealers to continue submitting forms as the first two weeks of the process remain unchanged. Once the shutdown ends he assured that forms would be tackled in the order they were received. 

“When government functions resume, ASA will do everything we can to make sure that the backlog is attacked as expeditiously as possible,” Williams remarked.

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