Gun range offering free firearms safety course

An Orlando-area gun range is offering a free firearms safety course in honor of the Pulse nightclub shooting victims.

Machine Gun America, a gun range in Kissimmee, Florida, offered the free five-hour class this past Saturday and plans to offer it again this coming Saturday, WFTV reported.

Staff members told WFTV that they wanted to give back to the community in some way and to also promote firearms safety and education.

“But what we want to do is provide an education to where if there is something that goes wrong—whether its workplace violence or whether it’s terrorism or these shootings—you’ll at least have the education to where you can empower yourself,” said Scott Bryan, a Machine Gun America staff member.

Along with the firearms safety course, Machine Gun America will also be offering free gun locks and firearms transfers for the rest of June, while supplies last.


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  • FEDUP6

    Excellent – the more trained good guys with guns the better!

    Also – Front Sight Gun Resort near Las Vegas, NV is offering free 4 day defensive handgun and a concealed carry class to any lawmaker in response to the Representative Scalise shooting.