Here’s What Missouri Is Doing with Guns 1 Month After Ferguson

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concealed carryThe state of Missouri is reeling from the recent flare up in suburban Ferguson.

With much of the national spotlight on the small town for the better half of two weeks, it looks like lawmakers in the state are handling the attention quite well and are actually protecting the freedom of gun owners across the state.

Earlier in September, the Missouri state legislature held special veto sessions on proposed gun laws.

Several bills were up for debate, one of which allowed gun owners to legally open carry in the municipality of Kansas City; the other allowed for Missouri teachers to be able to conceal carry in the schools as a means to further protect themselves and students from possible violence.

Before the session, much of the Missouri tourist area in Kansas city had banned open carry, saying that it was hurting tourism.

But as Sen. Will Kraus, a Lee’s Summit Republican noted, anyone who opened carried would also have to have had taken a concealed weapons training course and would be adequately trained to carry safely. “These individuals have been qualified with their weapons, and I believe they should have the right to open carry,” he said. “We want to protect their rights.”

Fortunately for gun owners, Missouri state Republicans made a strong showing for gun owner’s rights by soundly defeating Democrats’ attempts to limit the use and ownership of guns in public areas. As reported:

Kansas City Mayor Sly James made fighting off the override his biggest priority of the annual veto session that started Wednesday morning. In addition to prohibiting local governments from banning open carry of a firearm, it also reduces the age requirement for a conceal carry permit to 19 from 21 and allows specially trained teachers to carry concealed guns in public schools.

The laws were originally vetoed by Democrat Governor Jay Nixon, but were then overridden to make Missouri the 10th state in the nation to allow for specially designated teachers to provide armed protection for their students.

Each school district will have the final say as to whether or not teachers can carry weapons, but the state constitution currently allows for it, which is a huge boon to pro-gun activity.

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