Hero Minted At Family Dollar

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An entire store worth of people had their lives rescued by a fellow patron who chose to leave his house armed.

In Dekalb County, Georgia a local Family Dollar store was the momentary scene of terror before it became an example of quick justice.

It started in the morning when an armed robber held the store’s employees at gunpoint, demanding all the money.

However one of the store’s customers heard the commotion from the back of the store and cautiously made his way to the front. He saw that one of the robber was holding his gun to the head of one of the employees threatening their life.

That situation spurred the customer to action, drawing his own weapon and shooting the robber multiple times. The criminal was pronounced dead at the scene.

While the employee was understandably unnerved by the situation, they did share that they were thankful to the armed customer.

According to the police the customer will face no charges and has been celebrated as a “good samaritan” for his role in protecting the lives of others. 

Just another case of armed Americans protecting others.

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