Hidden Camera Reveals Terrifying Future If Hillary’s Elected

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 3.14.05 PMThis needs to go viral.

There’s little doubt in anyone’s mind Hillary Clinton is the Queen Bee for deception. After that was proven emphatically with the FBI confirming the former Secretary of State lied about classified emails on her private server we have little doubt she can’t be trusted.

So what does that mean for gun rights if the Presidential candidate was elected President.

Well if you believe her then it would mean we’re going to experience a few minor changes in the nation’s gun laws.

And if you were smart enough to read in between the li(n)es you’d quickly realize that’s a farce.

She wants them all banned.

How do we know?

Because a secretly recorded video capturing one of her super-delegates admitting this is true has just been released.

Bearing Arms did a brief write up on this.

Project Veritas Action (PVA) brought down corrupt Democrat activist front group ACORN with a series of revealing videos, and has now turned his sights on Hillary Clinton’s attacks on the gun rights of American citizens.

If I know their work at all, you can expect a lot more where this came from.

While it might be startling to see in video form, this is in no way news to anyone.

Everyone knows the Democrats are eager to ban our guns, but now we have proof their plans are to disarm us. Clearly this is not in the best interest of our nation and only looks to further solidify power for a stodgy class of elitist politicians who view us as vermin.

This video must be shared far and wide. If it isn’t our guns rights might vanish sooner than we could imagine.

  • b4k9zp

    Hillary is IMHO an even bigger liar than barack obama, and that’s saying something.

  • Maxine Smith

    People that still trust this criminal Killary after all her criminal activities and lies need to have their head examined. She is evil to the bone.

    • pappy450

      THAT is because of all the free SHIT that she is promising IF you vote for HER.
      (vote for ME I’ve got a “V”)
      A woman for president, is NOT a bad idea, JUST NOT THIS CROOKED BITCH!

      • Maxine Smith

        I agree, not this woman! And not anyone in Washington at this time. They all, on both sides of the isle, have been working together in all the corruption. I will not vote for Killary no matter what she promises. She lies about everything. I don’t believe anything that comes out of her mouth or Obama’s mouths. Killary is disgusting. I can’t stand to look at her and I can’t stand to hear her so I mute her every chance I can. Saw a story today that she has tongue cancer. I would think if it was me that many Hod was knocking at her door and giving her a warning about her lying. She basically would lie even if her life depended on the truth. I leave it in Gods hands.

  • Bill Smith

    Hillary is the most evil woman on the earth!

    • louann

      The most evil in the universe !

      • papayaman

        This depends on the sample size you’re considering.

    • 2War Abn Vet

      Evil doesn’t even begin to describe Hillary Clinton. She is an arrogant, boring, cynical, dishonest, entitled, favor-trading, greedy, hypocritical, inconsistent, joyless, Leftist, Machiavellian, nasty, overbearing, power-hungry, queen-like, ruthless, shameless, tired, untrustworthy, vain, Washington-insider embodiment of the status quo who doesn’t stand for anything that isn’t focus-group approved, or that wouldn’t line her and her husband’s pockets.

      • Guest

        And what the hell is Donald trump, he’s the same.

        • 2War Abn Vet

          While Trump might be 90% bad for the country, you can bet the farm that the Hilldog is 100% a danger to everything this country was intended to be.

          • papayaman

            90% or 100%, either way. This depends on what you believe and where your interests are.

        • Pebbles

          Name them. Prove it.

          • Alan

            With any luck we will finally be rid of McRino.

          • Pebbles

            Well, I do not agree with that. If he is not re-elected, a democrat will be, and that would possibly change the majority, which would further harm this country. But, republicans need to unite, and stop rhetoric such as McCain’s. It seems they are pandering to those they feel will help them, but in reality, Americans are sick and tired of politics as usual. We want truth and positive action for the nation, not self serving mumbo jumbo.



          • 1bob

            Well, would you agree that Obama is a Muslim?

          • Hawk Soaring


        • Ed Shick

          he just might be the best President America will ever have , Give him a chance ! Some one took a pot head and he went from Illinois state senator to President in 10 Years and he has been our Worse president but he is lead by a Muslim , valerie

        • Army Vet 4444

          Trump isn’t even in the same ball park as Hillary Clinton where “2War Abn Vet” describes. While in your opinion you might FEEL like Trump is an evil bastard, but there are a couple of things that are totally true. 1. Trump didn’t need to run for office, and in fact, he actually didn’t want to run. He felt he had to run, because of the direction the “establishment” politicians have been taking America, and most people agree with him on that point. 2. Trump is NOT a “bought and paid for” politician. In fact, no one CAN “buy” Trump. He already has more money than he will ever use. 3. Our country was SUPPOSED to be lead by people of all different walks of life. Our forefathers didn’t want “Professional Policians” to run Congress and the other branches. They WANTED normal people that just wanted to give some of their time to give back to the free country they lived in. That’s not what we have, and our country has been paying for it dearly. In fact, it’s ONE of the things we need to do, to end the corruption in Washington DC. That’s to bring an end to the “Profit” of being a politician.. Until we accomplish that, the corruption will NEVER end.

          Summary: Trump is NOT a “purchased” politician, and won’t be and he is doing this because he actually WANTS to help this country. NOT because his next pay check depends on it. Finally, ALL of the “establishment” politicians (both Democrat and Republican) hate him, and want him dead. JUST those facts alone are good reasons to vote for him.

          • Hawk Soaring


      • blackwingA520

        Cmon, don’t be afraid to say what you really think about her.

        • 2War Abn Vet

          I am. indeed, afraid to tell you what I think about anyone who is willing to support such a person.

    • Daphne Wallace-Edwards

      In LAST DAYS “A whore- per God- will fool the nations…”

  • Diana Sloan

    The 70 year old survivor of multiple strokes is ill, prone to seizures, must immediately perch on the nearest stool, too ill , too befuddled to tell the same story twice…trying to intimidate law abiding citizens while praising murderous blacks is not fit to be running for office!

  • DEW

    She’s a liar extraordinaire and you can bet one of her first steps will be to ban ALL guns..,.bet on it !!

  • charlie baker

    Attempting to ban all privately owned firearms is the quickest route to armed insurrection in this country. The American Revolution, Part Deux. I kind of doubt the French will give us a hand this time, though. Seems to me, though, her health doesn’t appear to be on a par with her ambition, which is gargantuan. I wonder if she would even survive long in office. The presidency is a very high stress position, and if even a fraction of the rumors of her mercurial temper are true, anything could happen. Classic Type A personality. To hear some people say it, she’s got one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. And as for Bill, rumor has it he’s got AIDS.

  • HDMania

    Stress of lying will do her in..she cant do the 4 or 8 yrs..vote for her ?..the end of america as we know it..

    • papayaman

      Same can be said of Trump in terms of the end of America as we know it. The USofA is in the most precarious point of our history since that morning of 12/7/41, only now, the threat comes from within. TPP or Trump. Hold on to your asses, because we’re going to eat it either way.

  • Dawn

    I am so tired of this political crap. Over a year and so much money spent
    on ads, traveling etc. makes ones head spin as that could go toward helping vets, police, schools, homeless, jobs etc. I also have a hatred of these dam ads popping up all over. spend more time finding the x to delete them. Must be some way to get rid of them? Hillary the queen bee and bozo the wasp. Both are stinging America to its core. What liars and cheats and killers. Will be looking for an island if the witch gets in office. WIll be rigged to the hilt anyway.We the people have no voice any more.

  • Guest

    That proves nothing! It’s all taken out context!

    • Alan

      Fucking troll.

  • Don Dittmer

    The plan is to keep her OUT of the WH!

  • papayaman

    Hillary leaves a lot to be desired, but she is far from being as evil as someone like Leona Helmsley seems. Check out Politifact for who among Hillary and Donald Trump is a more prolific liar. By history, Trump may tell you what you would like to hear one day, then flip-flop soon after.

  • VET

    This is the reason why these corrupt Democrats want to take your guns away,because once that happens and if Killary gets in she will do what ever she can to ban it in our country and you can bet your bottom dollar that Obama will be right next to her if she wins.We has a American Citizen have every right under our CONSTITUTION to keep and bear arms to protect yourself and your family’s from the ones that some people are walking around with that are ILLEGAL.And there is other reason why these Democrats want your guns they have had this all planned since Obama took office in 2009 and i still say that he is not a American Citizen if he were all this Damage that he did to our country should have never happen for him to go against the people of our country.This is all about them to get the weapons away from the LEGAL gun owners so this Government can think that they can just go into our homes and take them from us,like Obama once said he was going to build his own Army because he knows that our Military Force would turn on him and go with the people,and the only Army i no about would be the Terrorist named ISIS that are already in our country and coming in every day from the Borders that Obama left opened for them that is the reason why he or Killary well never close them.What the Democrats have plan to do is after they try like hell to disarm us all is to take complete control of this country to Dictate our life and to me this is called TYRANNY against the United States Of American.I am a Vietnam combat VET>and was wounded also but 60,000 young soldiers died for this country which Obama and Killary didn’t give to S—S about them so if i had to fight again its going to happen right here in our own country and if i happen to be killed for my country then let it be.I wouldn’t trust Killay or that other Traitor that both are nothing but a bunch of PATHETIC LYING people that i have never seen in my life time and has far has this country goes there are least Americans living in this country then ever before and its also the worst country when it comes to crimes and killing then any other country in this world,so we had a guy named Obama that let Millions of people into our country that the Mexican President along with Obama probable made a deal with to take the worst prisoners in Mexico and put them on buses from there prisons to our Borders that Obama welcome into his country when we were in a bad economy our self then he took my VA money by giving no increase to the disable Veterans that was our BLOOD MONEY he took from us.If Obama really wanted them then he should have had them put up TENTS and feed them C-rations like they give us to eat out in the BUSH they didn’t leave there Blood on any Foreign Country but you can be sure they will leave American Blood right in our own country and Obama knew that so if she want my weapon let her come herself to take it from my Bloody hand.If that women that had commented TREASON on us gets in she is the one that well start a lot of trouble against our country.And that is the real TRUTH and she has it all on that useless brain she was born with.

  • Gunflint Roseberg

    Hillary has been infected with Liar-rhea of the mouth ….Comes from being infected with blood sucking illuminati leaches from hell.

  • calhar

    I sure hope somebody who gets a belly full of this horses a** doesn’t use one on her

  • Daphne Wallace-Edwards

    Trump, remember- When the Devil attacks’ you, then you are up for a promotion!

  • shawshank09

    Can the anti-Christ be a woman???