Hidden Camera Reveals Terrifying Future If Hillary’s Elected

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Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 3.14.05 PMThis needs to go viral.

There’s little doubt in anyone’s mind Hillary Clinton is the Queen Bee for deception. After that was proven emphatically with the FBI confirming the former Secretary of State lied about classified emails on her private server we have little doubt she can’t be trusted.

So what does that mean for gun rights if the Presidential candidate was elected President.

Well if you believe her then it would mean we’re going to experience a few minor changes in the nation’s gun laws.

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And if you were smart enough to read in between the li(n)es you’d quickly realize that’s a farce.

She wants them all banned.

How do we know?

Because a secretly recorded video capturing one of her super-delegates admitting this is true has just been released.

Bearing Arms did a brief write up on this.

Project Veritas Action (PVA) brought down corrupt Democrat activist front group ACORN with a series of revealing videos, and has now turned his sights on Hillary Clinton’s attacks on the gun rights of American citizens.

If I know their work at all, you can expect a lot more where this came from.

While it might be startling to see in video form, this is in no way news to anyone.

Everyone knows the Democrats are eager to ban our guns, but now we have proof their plans are to disarm us. Clearly this is not in the best interest of our nation and only looks to further solidify power for a stodgy class of elitist politicians who view us as vermin.

This video must be shared far and wide. If it isn’t our guns rights might vanish sooner than we could imagine.

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