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Tim Allen Sets Liberals On FIRE After He Does THIS At Emmys

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The left just got a major wake up call…

Actor Tim Allen made an appearance at the Emmy Awards and the progressives on Twitter could not handle seeing a conservative.

He did manage to take a jab at the fact that his show “Last Man Standing” was still on the air even after they demanded his show be cancelled.

And he did take a jab at the Democrats actors who were not doing the segment that he was doing at the Emmy Awards on Sunday.

“Thank you all very much. Nice to be here. Nice room. Kind of a surprise, I was in the middle of shooting this last season of ‘Last Man Standing’ coming up.

“And apparently the powers that be gave us a call. Turned out Meryl Streep, Pacino, and the lovely Helen Mirren just didn’t have the acting chops to handle the segment I’m about to handle.

“They said, ‘who better than a comedian to talk seriously about the integrity of the Emmy vote counting,’” he said.

“Which is why let’s take a moment to recognize the total professionalism from the accountants at Ernst & young. Ladies and gentlemen, the accountants. Andy Zale, Paul Chin, and thingamajig.

“Thingamajig is actually not an account, it’s the CEO of Ernst & young. That you very much, see you on television,” he said.

That was the only thing he said but it was triggering to those who cannot stand anyone who does not think they way they do to see a Republican at the Emmys.

Src: The Federalist Papers

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