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Home Owner Stops Home Invasion with AR-15

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The last thing Johnathan Haith expected to happen when he went to bed on May 11th was to be using the AR-15 he kept underneath his bed to help him defend his life the next day.

Yet that’s exactly what happened when Haith of Henderson, North Carolina woke up on May 12th.

Haith said he was still sleeping early in the morning when he heard a light knock come from the back of his house around 9:45 am.

AR-15 RifleWoken up by the disturbance, Haith said he immediately heard a loud crash coming from the laundry room following the initial sound.

Haith quickly ducked beneath his bed, grabbed his AR-15 and ventured out into his house.

That’s when Haith was greeted by an armed intruder.

“I crouched down, grabbed the firearm and was walking up the hallway… As soon as I poked my head around the corner I saw a tall male standing there with a gun.”

Apparently the intruder hadn’t expected anyone to be home and was surprised to see Haith.

That’s when things went code red.

“He shot first, I shot second,” Haith said. “He missed and I reckon I connected.”

“I guess I did the right thing,” Haith said. “I just reacted the best way possible.”

The intruder was struck in the stomach and immobilized.

Haith, on the other hand, sustained no injuries in the attack.

Police were able to apprehend the intruder Gregory Julian Johnson, 23, as well as his accomplice Michael Stroman, 32, who was his getaway driver.

Johnson was listed in critical condition.

In the growing debate on gun control and defending the ownership of so-called “assault rifles,” Haith joins a growing contingent of Americans who use weapons for purposes of self-defense.

It’s estimated that every year guns are used in self-defense on an average of 2.5 million times.

And out of those 2.5 million times, less than 8% of the time are the aggressors wounded or killed.

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