In Light of Pennsylvania Cop Killing, Liberals Still Clueless on Gun Control

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It first needs to be said that the liberal media has already tried to make the recent shooting of two Pennsylvania police officers look like it was done by a “common survivalist.”

In one broad stroke they have looked to paint gun owners, and anyone who wants to own a gun as a means of protecting themselves, as intensely angry and violent individuals.

And with that they’re also trying to put the kibosh on Pennsylvania gun owners’ ability to own a long arm.

Eric FreinYou see, Eric Frein allegedly used a .308-caliber rifle to shoot two state troopers — one of them fatally — on Friday.

And as liberals like to do, the group Cease Fire PA pounced on the recent incident and quickly shouted from the rooftops that an American citizen shouldn’t have the access to long arms that they presently enjoy.

The group, which consists of a majority of liberal activists and mayors from across the state, are insisting that the state reform their current gun laws and require expanded background checks when people go to buy long guns (including rifles and shotguns).

While Cease Fire uses official FBI figures, which show the number of murders committed with long guns has doubled since 1996, they fail to realize that of all the shooting deaths in the United States, the smallest fraction are committed with long guns.

And, more often than not, long guns are used to prevent the commission of a crime than they are to actively perpetrate a criminal act.

A recent New York Times Article showed in depth that the most common type of gun to be used in criminal activity is a pistol. In fact, in 2012 only 322 people were murdered with any kind of rifle, F.B.I. data shows.

Not to mention that overall gun crime has fallen dramatically in the past several years as the number of concealed weapons permits increases.

At the end of the day, facts just don’t matter to liberals. They want their way and they want it now.

Editor’s Note: Gun Owners Across the Nation are Angered and Outraged by the Message in this Video, Click Here to View

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