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Iran RESPONDS To Cancelled Trump Attack

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Here’s what they did…

The rogue Islamic government of Iran petitioned the United Nations to take action against the United States.

Tehran claims the drone had made an unauthorized entry into Iranian airspace, violating international law.

“The international community is called upon to demand the United States to put an end to its continued unlawful and destabilizing measures in the already volatile region of the Persian Gulf,” Ravanchi wrote, according to a copy of the letter published by Iran’s Tasnim news agency. “Iran condemns, in the strongest possible terms, this irresponsible and provocative wrongful act by the United States, which entails its international responsibility.”

“While the Islamic Republic of Iran does not seek war, it reserves its inherent right, under Article 51 of the United Nations Charter, to take all appropriate necessary measures against any hostile act violating its territory, and is determined to vigorously defend its land, sea and air,” Ravanchi argued. “This is not the first provocative act by the United States against Iran’s territorial integrity.”

“It would be highly appreciated if you could have the present letter issued as a document of the Security Council,” the ambassador concludes.

Tasnim published the letter shortly after Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif announced that Iran would “take this new aggression to the #UN & show that the US is lying about international waters” on Twitter.

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