Is This Trump’s Financial Gatekeeper?

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One House committee led by Democrats believes they may have found a key player in the realm of President Trump’s finances. 

71-year-old Allen Weisselberg is a prime example for the description of “unassuming.” He spent decades living in the same three-bedroom ranch house and eats lunch at the same spot nearly every day. The Trump Organization considers him to be loyal, unobtrusive and relatively plain. 

But Weisselberg is the chief financial officer for the Trump Organization. As such his name can be found on Trump financial documentation going back decades. He is intimately familiar with the organizations lenders, investors and it’s taxes. 

Author Gwenda Blair once interviewed Weisselberg for a book on Trump and shared her thoughts on the man, “He’s been in the inner, inner circle, but he is so colorless that he faded into the woodwork. That was his job, not to be noticed.”

While Weisselberg has been able to successfully avoid the spotlight, it doesn’t look like that will last much longer. 

As Democrats desperately seek ways to badger Trump, Weisselberg presents a tempting target to learn more about the 45th president. Be prepared to hear the name again in the nearby future.

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