Kentucky Town Offers Once In A Lifetime Opportunity

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A town built on coal mining is now making a golden offer for gun collecting enthusiasts. 

The self-proclaimed “city built on coal,” Jenkins, Kentucky, is a town that has a wondrous American history. A history it’s preparing to part with when they auction off a Thompson submachine gun that was used by the town to protect the payroll for miners.

“The story we’ve always been told is they use it to guard the payroll when the money would come in on the train,” local Mayor Todd Depriest shared with LEX 18.

Advertised as an “Anti-bandit gun,” the model held by the Jenkins township appears to be an early 1921 Colt model and allegedly has a two-digit serial number. 

In 2015 a 1921 model with a four digit number sold for $80,000, leading officials in Jenkins to hope for as much as $110,000 when their model becomes available.

Interested parties should contact the city police department in Jenkins for information regarding the auction. 

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