Lawmaker wants gun owners to carry in gun-free zones

A Michigan lawmaker has proposed legislation that would allow lawful gun owners to carry concealed firearms into gun-free zones.

The legislation, sponsored by Upper Peninsula Republican Rep. Beau LaFave, would let all gun owners with concealed carry permits carry their firearms into current gun-free zones, such as churches, bars, and hospitals.

“As it turns out, criminals are ignoring pistol-free zones. I wish that were not the case, but we do not live in a Utopia,” LaFave said in a statement. “If the bad guys are going to carry guns into gun-free zones, I want to give the good guys the legal ability to protect themselves and their families.”

The four-bill package would eliminate the permit requirement to carry concealed firearms in places where the practice is currently allowed. To carry in gun-free zones, however, gun owners would still have to obtain a permit.

“It’s a disgrace that honest, law-abiding people are required to pay a fee and obtain a license from the government to exercise a right guaranteed in our constitutions,” LaFave said. “It’s time to eliminate undue burdens that have been placed on Michigan gun owners for far too long. We must ensure that lawful people are not prosecuted for exercising a right laid out in the U.S. and Michigan constitutions.”


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  • Paul Williamson

    30,000 American citizens killed by guns each year, over 10,000 of them innocent citizens killed by gun-toting Rambo wannabes who need a gun to compensate for their small dick. failure in life and lack of courage.

    • WORSEKarma

      Your posting is pure statistical BS. Learn some real facts before showing your ignorance.

    • lrp52

      You are an idiot. Please seek help.

      • will

        yes he is of that 30,000 65% are suicides or post natal abortions. 3%
        are accidental and 9% are by police and self defence. The rest are
        homicides. of which 50% are committed by mostly men 17 to 34 and black.
        These men and women 17 to 34 are 3% of the black population.

  • James Stevens

    From Jan.1st to July18th at midnight, the death toll by firearms in the USA is 6248 total. About 85% of them are perps in the act of breaking and entering or carjacking. If you want to rally around something real try abortion clinics. This genocide is on the top of the Death chart at 593,688 murdered kids so far.
    Get the facts, then make a difference and take a stand against this body parts racket supported by the aborted children here in the USA. Frankly I am embarrassed we have let it go this long. jwstx

    • Oingo Boingo

      BLAX are the biggest abortion demographic; and that is A Good Thing.
      The Official Gubbamint number of 13% is jive and Bee Ess.
      They’re at least 20% of the general population; and if not for mass BLAK abortion, The USA would be TOTALLY overrun with the things.
      Eugenics is Smart.