‘MAGA’ Argument Settled By Sword

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Things got a little out of hand, even for San Fransisco, when an argument broke out over a “Make America Great Again” cap.

The incident in question involves one man defending his right to wear MAGA apparel by brandishing a sword, unsurprisingly this didn’t end in high fives.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the incident occurred outside the Church of 8 Wheels, an adults-only roller disco.

A spokeswoman for the San Francisco police, Officer Robert Rueca, shared that two men had been arguing and that things escalated to violence when one of them tried to forcefully remove his opponents MAGA hat.

The individual in the hat was also wearing a fully functional sword that evening it seems and responded to the assault with his bladed weapon. 

The victim received non life-threatening injuries that were treated at the local hospital. 

Currently no arrests have been made and law enforcement officials are looking for video evidence to locate the swordsman. 

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