Mainstream Media Suppresses Huge Pro-Gun Legal Victory

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VictoryAmericans have a cause to rejoice.

Pro-gun senators managed to successfully filibuster the “Harry Reid Preservation Act,” S. 2363, blocking it in the senate by a vote of 56-41.

Gun Owners of America (GOA) successfully successfully orchestrated a campaign which helped to emphasize that should the bill be passed it would be viewed as an attack ON veterans and would weaken their position in the eyes of concealed carry holders and the gun industry as a whole.

GOA has helped to advance the pro-gun cause in the face of growing opposition.

One of the ways they’ve helped to manage this kind of momentum is by issuing an annual rating of political candidates based on their friendliness towards gun owners and gun laws.

Before the filibuster, GOA “warned Senators that a vote in favor of S. 2363 would be scored in our end-of-year rating.”

As GOA asserts, the bill was little more than a front to help elect anti-gun politicians into office.

It would have allowed importation of polar bear parts. Okay, that’s fine, in and of itself. But that’s hardly a fair trade for passing a bill that will help reelect anti-gun Senators like Hagan, Begich, Pryor, Landrieu (and others) — Senators who will vote to confirm Obama’s anti-gun Supreme Court justices, thus overturning the Heller and McDonald decisions.

Several senators attempted to offer some pro-gun amendments to the bill so that should it be passed, it would at least enhance the rights of gun owners.

These politicians:

Did a yeomen’s job in fighting to get genuinely pro-gun amendments offered to the bill. These included national concealed carry reciprocity, gun rights for 175,000 military veterans, and a shut-down of Eric Holder’s Operation Choke Point.

But Reid employed a bully-tactic to block all Republican amendments. It consisted of “treeing” the bill and then invoking “cloture” to make the amendments out of order.

Thus, the 41 anti-gun votes IN FAVOR of invoking cloture — thus ending the filibuster — were votes against veterans, reciprocity and gun dealers.

As gun owners should rightly expect, the mainstream media provided no coverage of this bill, letting the story get buried deep in newspapers across the country.

If, on the other hand, the bill would have managed to have been passed, you can bet the liberal media would have had a field day showing how America is finally “coming to its senses” and passing some “no-nonsense” gun control laws.

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