New Gun Technology Made for Police, But Could Easily Be Used Against Regular Gun Owners

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Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 2.07.39 PM“Firearms now have a voice,” says Yardarm Technologies.

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That’s because the company has invented a new technology that allows police and their departments to see when an officer’s gun is holstered, when it’s shot, and can even show how far a gun is from an officer.

The company’s president Sam Paredes said the device is meant to track police officers’ use of their guns. He says it’s not intended for the general public.

As he said in an interview, “If law enforcement wants to adopt this technology, that’s great,” Paredes exclaimed. “[What] We do oppose are government mandates requiring all gun owners to adopt the technology… don’t make every gun owner adopt the technology.”

Watch the video for yourself and then think about all the anti-gun politicians in office and tell us if you think it’s something to worry about.

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