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Pelosi SLAMMED For ‘Baseless Attack’

The Department of Justice is sounding off on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi after she accused Attorney General William Barr of committing a crime.

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Beware! Hillary Thinks This ‘Makes Perfect Sense’

If there’s an easy way to tell when something is a bad idea, it’s when Hillary Clinton says it “makes perfect sense.”

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BREAKING: Barr Slams Biased Treatment

Attorney General William Barr has been called before the Senate Judiciary Committee to defend his summary of Robert Mueller’s report.

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3 Powerful Words From Graham To Trump

Sen. Lindsey Graham is sharing words of support with the president as congressional Democrats try to subpoena President Trump.

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Gun Control FAILS To Stop California Shooting

The state of California has an abundance of gun control laws enforced by Democrats but they still weren’t enough to stop another shooting.

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