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Trump Probe Reaches Ridiculous Depths

The attack on President Donald Trump continues as a powerful U.S. congressional panel made demands for 81 documents from a range of entities tied to Trump.

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Muslim Democrat’s Anti-Semitism Faces Backlash

Even the slightest form of racism from any other politician would result in immediate repercussions, Rep. Ilhan Omar gets away with it CONSTANTLY.

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Republican Calls to Limiting Trumps Power!

Rep. Tom Reed (R-NY) stood with the idea to limit the President’s power during a national emergency.

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Washington’s Latest Gun Control Push

With the House of Representatives firmly under the control of Democrats, gun control legislation is running rampant.

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These 13 Republicans Joined Dems To Block Trump

Democrats have passed the first step in blocking President Trump’s national emergency by voting against it in the House of Representatives. 

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