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Judge Moves This Ban Forward

Gun rights activists have been dealt another blow following a federal judge’s decision to allow the Trump administration to ban “bump-stocks.”

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Dastardly Duo Work To Bury GOP

Hillary Clinton is propagating the liberal media’s hoaxes in an effort to silence the voices of rival conservatives.

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Sen Defends NRA, Demands Answers

After Democratic congressman Eric Swalwell accused the NRA of calling for violence against his fellow party members, Republican Dan Crenshaw is demanding Swalwell explain himself. 

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CT Dems Want To Take These Guns

In Stamford, Connecticut Democratic city lawmakers are trying to make if possible for police to confiscate homemade firearms. 

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Vermont Passes The Most Expansive Abortion Bill Ever

In the days of liberal extremism, it comes to no surprise that some completely insane laws will be purposed. However, this new abortion bill passed by the Vermont House questions America’s morals. Critics say that the bill is much more extensive than other bills that have been passed in other […]

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