People Can’t Believe Cops Would Pull Over Blacks And Do This To Them

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Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 1.55.12 PMIn the past few years America has all but descended into a media manufactured race war.

While America is easily one of the most inclusive societies in the world it doesn’t change the fact the media is going to make it seem like white people and blacks don’t get along well.

This really is a farce and it’s sad to see it foisted upon people nationwide.

It’s also sad the police have to resort to gimmicks to get people to trust them again.

However, that being said, many times these gimmicks are often the best way to win back the support of a community who feels slighted and singled out.

What’s up with officers and ice cream lately?

First the St. Louis police are using an ice cream truck to spread icy sweet treats to local children.
Now a Virginia police department is getting in on the act, pulling over unsuspecting drivers and handing out ice cream cones.
This latest attempt at developing better relations between police and the communities they serve comes from Halifax, Virginia, where Police Chief Kevin Lands and his officers have been stopping drivers and making them aware of “Vehicle code 1739” — driving on a hot day without an ice cream cone.
One such stop was captured on video, which has been viewed more than four million times on Facebook.
Officer Brian Warner told CNN affiliate WSET they pulled over 20 people Friday, but handed out cones instead of tickets.
The shocked reactions from the drivers, especially from the young lady in the video, well, that was just icing on the ice cream cake.
“Her reaction was absolutely the best,” Warner said. “It was genuine, and she had us smiling and laughing for a good hour afterwards, and I’ve probably watched the video myself 50 times just laughing… and that’s one of the great things with police work you get to meet people like that on a daily basis, and it makes the job worth it.”
Halifax’s police department is small — just five officers — but their patrol cars have a cooler full of frozen treats, so if you’re driving safely through town and get stopped, don’t sweat it. Chances are they’ll let you go with a sweet warning.

If you think about it this honestly what the police should be doing.

Their oath is to protect and serve…and if serving ice cream to a community who doesn’t implicitly trust them is fulfilling their oath to office then more power to them.

We hope to see many more videos like this.

This kind of uplifting stuff might seem to be glossing over bigger issues, but at the same time it’s doing a great deal to help heal a country who’s tired of being divided.

How do you feel about what his police department is doing?

Tell us in the comments below.

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