Police Show Up at Man’s Home, Demand He “Surrender” Because of Gun Tattoo

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Maine resident Michael Smith works nights and sleeps days. So he was understandably upset when a tree removal crew showed up on his property at 10 a.m. and woke him up.

Smith got out of bed and went outside without his shirt on to tell the crew to get off his property and keep the noise down.

Apparently, Smith has a gun tattoo near his waistband. The tree removal crew used this information to file a false report with the cops. Not only that, they claimed Smith was waving a gun and making threats.

Man with Tattoo of Gun

Image credit: BulletsFirst.net

Minutes after Smith had returned to bed, he was awakened by the Sheriff of Somerset and Maine State Troopers who used a bullhorn to demand that he come out and surrender himself.

When Smith came outside, the police realized they’d been duped, but stated they had to respond to the call as if a legitimate threat were being reported.

But whether Smith had a real gun or not is irrelevant because he was on his own property.

It is not illegal to have a gun or carry a gun on your own property or to ask trespassers to get off your property. Furthermore, Maine allows open carry.

Unfortunately, the tree removal crew has not yet been prosecuted for filing a false report and wasting tax dollars.

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