Poll Shows If Americans Believe Trump Has Been Cleared

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CNN oddly enough, is now sharing a new poll that depicts how many Americans feel that President Donald Trump has been exonerated of all claims of Russian collusion during his 2016 election campaign.

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The poll was conducted by SSRS and the results show that the majority of Americans believe that Trump has not been fully exonerated while slightly fewer believe that he has been exonerated.

56% believe that Trump still has something to prove, while 43% believe the president has been cleared of any crimes.

The poll shows the division largely falls along party lines with 77% of Republicans exonerating Trump and his campaign, while 80% of Democrats claim the opposite.

It was also pointed out on CNN that an earlier poll that asked if Trump had participated in collusion also had 42% showing their support for the president. This indicates that AG William Barr’s summary report has done little to alter the public’s already conceived opinion. 

Trump for his part however has shared in a tweet that the report gave him “Complete and Total EXONERATION.”

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