Private Drone Footage Of Epstein Island Reveals Something SHOCKING

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This home video shot by a loyal patriot shows something truly sinister from Epstein’s island…

Drone footage of “suicided” sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Pedo Island’ home shows that potentially crucial electronics equipment was removed from the home before an FBI raid which took place on Monday.

“This video taken on July 15th show what appears to be an Apple computer on the right along with a pair of binoculars and a box of tissues,” writes Chris Menahan. “It looks as though there’s a white wire possibly connected to an external hard drive on the same desk. What looks like a printer can be seen on the far right, deeper in the kitchen. There’s also what looks like a tablet charging on the left.”

A second video that was shot on July 23 shows the room mostly empty with the electronic equipment all removed.

A third video shot on August 3, one week before Epstein’s death, shows the kitchen to have been completely cleared out.

“You might want to see who was on site between July (17)th and July 28th, noted one Twitter user. “See something missing, say something is missing.”

As we reported earlier, Epstein is said to have hanged himself using bedsheets, although a former inmate at the same facility this would have been impossible because they’re not much stronger than paper.

Src: Summit News

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