Probably the best 2nd Amendment speech ever

Aaron Weiss speaks to the motion to repeal the ‘Safe’ Act at the Dutchess County Legislature NY State March 2013

  • Piers Morgan is a D-bag

    Nailed it! This guy is awesome a true american I wish men and women like this were our political leaders instead of the liars and criminals we get to choose between. Thank you for all you do for this country we need more people like you.

    • patriot 86

      Nice he really called these bastards out BRAVO DUDE AND THANKS FOR YOUR SERVICE.

  • Faucon Noir

    Wow, I like this man. There is a leader! God bless him.

  • modernminuteman

    These politicians have no shame! How can they listen this amazing speech but still allow this unconstitutional law to pass?

    • Si Vis Pacem ParaBellum

      Because they are the puppets of the administration. And conservatives are scared to say anything against the POTUS. We need to get more of these people in Washington, NOW! Molon Labe, Semper Fi and God Bless.

      • patriot 86

        We need a million gun march on washington . one million conceal carry owners standing in front of the white house would make a real statement

        • MidSouthMitch

          Uh…If we had 1 million armed citizens standing in front of the White House- Why wouldn’t they walk on in and perp-walk the current residents out?

          • patriot 86

            Not a bad idea but you have to first get the one million together to do it.

        • b4k9zp

          Ten or 15 million men and women carrying OPENLY but peaceably would make an even bigger statement!

          • patriot 86

            Yes it would ‘I’m one of you by the way .

  • cedarcreekman

    Yep, send in the CLOWNS, FIRST!!. Quickest way I know to clean out the dead beats. Most of the elected CLOWNS are Attorneys, that write these stupid laws. You know who’s fault it is we have these SWINE in charge of our daily lives, OUR’S!! They are slowly creating their own hell. The day will come, that all hell for those that have dis-honored this Republic, will pay a big price for their sins!

  • mike

    The simple truth is that our government, congressmen, senators, lobbyist, and especially our lousy supreme court judges who fail to uphold the Constitution and Bill of Rights to there entirety. They are always making exceptions because this mafia that this true patriot mentions and talks about is the illuminati. They go by different names like skull and bones, masons, Nicolaitans, Saturn alien brotherhood, etc.. Like JFK was trying to tell the American public in his speech “of a closed door society making up special little laws at night” because it is up to the public “us”and not these scum bags aka “Occult” dirt bags officials that create false flag wars, take out banks/financial markets, cause oil and gas shortages, use the media to keep telling the lie so we can live a life of fear in exchange for giving up our cherished freedoms and rights. The term “representative” has only honorific significance. Since there is no reason to believe that a representative typically represents the wishes and “instructions” of any of his constituents, and there is no certainly no legal obligation for them to do so.
    You know why Christians are under attack? Think about it. What does our Pledge of Allegiance say? When you go to represent your straw man in court what oath are you giving so you do not commit perjury on yourself? When any elected official is raising hand what oath is he giving? In Revelations because I believe in Karma and the universe has a way of correcting itself from these lawyer scum bags, is that in the Bible it states if they should add or take away anything in the book they are cursed!
    So why do you think homosexual says in the bible? Everything is a choice. Remember Jesus? Well we all know what happened to him because they crucified him and he was a righteous dude! We eventually all have to pick a side and fight. Good verses evil. We all know what happens in the end!

    • patriot 86

      Let her buck baby im ready for a revolution .

    • Tom Wittlief

      An observation I have made during my lifetime(60) is that there are simply some folks whose character makes them attracted to seeking positions of authority in organizations, and it doesn’t matter what, big government,big labor,big corporations,big religions, any of them will do, so they can abuse the authority, the POWER they seek to allow them to tell other people how they should live. All for their “own good” of course. This phenomenon has existed as long as people have existed. The rest of us just have to recognize these people and learn to ignore them. I guess I won’t hold my breath waiting for it to happen. I think peoples ability to communicate ideas more widely via modern means(Internet for example) is improving the situation. Wishing peace and wisdom to you all.

      • Byran Cook

        yeah but that trader Obama turned the internet over to free enterprise or if you want to say it the globalist its going to wind up in the hands of the Islamic they’re trying to ban criticism of Islam worldwide they’ve already done it in England we face multiple enemies

        • Tom Wittlief

          Multiple enemies, just as you say. There is no doubting it. The characters who desire to tell everybody else how to live their lives are very, Very jealous of the freedom we have to ignore their ranting and raving, and want to destroy that freedom. Things are likely to get worse before they can be made better again. Many people seem to think that just because slavery has been made Illegal, that there are no more SLAVERS here. It is possible that civilization all around the world will fall. BUT, America is as much an idea as a land. We now know that people Can make themselves free. It is likely we will have to do it again. Never forget that freedom can exist. But never forget that it can be stolen. And, if not a “Prepper”. Start.

      • Mike Lawson

        Just like Al Gore, Robert Kennedy, Jr. and John Kerry want the hoi polloi to drive electric cars and get their electricity from the wind and sun- so they can have our resources for themselves- some politicians want us to give up our rights so they and their cronies can have them to themselves.

  • Tomcat01

    This is not just for the 2d Amendment, but every policy which comes out of our government. Dumbocare doesn’t apply to Congress or others.

  • David Wilson

    I would like to see these spineless politicians go in first. You want to take our guns, YOU come get them, don’t try to lay it on someone else to do your dirty work..

    • patriot 86

      Yup they would make a nice target standing there shitting their pants with fear .Thats all these lying bastards are good at is letting someone else do their dirty work while they sit safe at home behind armed guards.I feel sorry for the cops who will actually try and enforce these laws cuz they are in for a real surprise ‘ There will be blood and both sides will suffer but i stand with the gun owners cuz no kenyan who wasnt even born here will take away my right to defend myself from his tyranical regime .Hey barry come take mine personally ‘ im digging you a nice hole behind my house where you will get lots of sunlight to fertilize my flower bed .It will be the only thing you were ever good for.

      • MidSouthMitch

        Do you really think anything will grown over that toxic waste?!? The EPA would probably declare your yard a SuperFund Clean-Up site!.

        • patriot 86

          hahahaha yeah never thought of that .Thanks for the heads up

    • MidSouthMitch

      Exactly! LEO’s should refuse to enforce such troubling laws- They ARE being asked to do the “dirty work” of the politicians. Let us never forget that this is the exact same issue that precluded the “Shot heard ’round the world” (April 19, 1775 – The Battles of Lexington & Concord) where the British came to seize the weapons, munitions and supplies of the Colonial militia.

      The orders issued by Captain John Parker to the militiamen were: “Stand your ground; don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here!”

      “Here” was not only the location, but the issue (the raison d’etre, if you will).

      Remember, this was over a year prior to the Declaration of Independence.

      • David Wilson

        Well, they asked for our gun powder and lead balls, and we gave it to them, didn’t we?

        • MidSouthMitch

          Heh-heh-heh…(evil smile)

      • J. Bailey

        Trying to demoralize Our Military, now Federalize Our LEOs BECAUSE w/o THEM ‘their edicts’ would wasted paper and hot air … Our Military & LEOs are the ENFORCERS … Stand down, Honor your Oath, REFUSE illegal orders … You are the ones that stand between US the loss of Our Freedoms …

      • b4k9zp

        Yep! The Battle of Breed’s Hill near Boston, which went into the history books as “The Battle of Bunker Hill” also took place over a year before the signing of the Declaration of Independence. It occurred on June 17, 1775. About 2400 patriots defended positions on Breed’s Hill against a British Force of about 3,000 lobsterbacks, backed by the cannons of the British warships under Admirals Samuel Graves and John Pitcairn then in Boston harbor.

        The British forces tried three times to take the Patriot’s position on Breed’s Hill, a strong redoubt, but were repulsed twice with heavy losses. They finally succeeded on the third assault, but their total losses were 1,054 men (officers and enlisted) to the Patriots’ 450 total losses. IIRC, historians of the Revolution stated that if there was any doubt in the British generals’ minds that the Americans were willing to fight to the death, this battle ended it.

    • dcsco

      I have always thought the spineless coward politicians should be the ones who fight the wars they start too. Instead they send in the soldiers to do their dirty work for them. Many of them, who may not agree with the war. Especially since none of the wars since WWII have been legally declared to begin with. It must be psychologically difficult to go into a battle zone knowing that a war was never declared, and it is really just some politicians power and land grab game, while lining the pockets of the defense contractors and bankers.

      It looks like more and more LEOs are refusing to enforce such laws in some states anyway.
      Hopefully they and the soldiers will keep their oath and refuse to do the criminals dirty work for them. The current commander in chief has already made a mockery of his oath of office.

  • BigC


  • Liberty

    Watch how moved the father is behind the speaker. The assault on our Second Amendment must be stopped and by any means.

  • Herman L. McCloud

    Nailed his a-s to the barnyard door:
    Wow, Very direct and truthfully spoken by this man, It’s absolutely time to clean house and get the
    hell rid of trash like these politicians whom are destroying our government and the foundation which
    created our freedoms specifically our constitutional rights from a bunch of political traitors who dwell
    constantly in political crime, Not only should these political punks be removed from their office they
    should be held responsible for their criminal activities and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,
    Which includes the so called chief and commander biggest dam fraudulent piece of crap that walks
    upright, He never was, is or ever will be a Presidential leader of people, He doesn’t qualify, What he
    is in reality is a dictator whom demands his wants and desires and will get them through a political
    clause “a presidential execuitive order” with the power of his little pen, This law seriously needs to
    be modified or revoked. We the citizens of our country must get this political whore “obama” out of
    our government before we end up losing our country and freedom. !

  • Capt. Joshua

    Thank you for your service. I am 66. I stand my ground with you to protect our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Let me say it is an honor to listen to your great words. I feel your conviction and I feel your sense of purpose. You inspire me. You Sir articulate the gut felt sentiment of many millions of Americans who are ready to defend our American Liberty. Thank you for standing up and saying what needs to be said. Whenever the march is needed I will fall in for duty with you. I am old, my life is complete, let me go in first. If I am taken out, do me proud young man, do America proud so your children and my grand children can grow up free. God bless you and God bless the United States of America.

  • barney

    Why can’t posters refrain from using fowl language in their posts. It doesn’t help the cause one bit.

    • Byran Cook

      why you worried about language people are the ones who made it file foul the only true sin committed with the mouth is blasphemy so take your fucking opinion and stuff it up your ass

      • barney

        Matthew 12:36-37 “But I say unto you, that every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment. For by your words you shall be justified, and by your words you shall be condemned”.

        • Oingo Boingo

          Does that include words of sniveling compliance and subservience to illegitimate usurped authority ?

          • barney

            I don’t believe it does as long as filthy potty language is not used.

          • b4k9zp

            Hate-based speech, like yours always is, gets you nowhere. You only look like an ignorant loudmouth.

          • Whippit

            Eff off, insect.

          • b4k9zp

            Your comments are further proof that you are incapable of conducting a civil or rational conversation, as usual. Your foul and obscene language disgusts everyone who reads it, and does NOT win friends.

          • Oingo Boingo

            Hey, insect…
            despite what you may believe in your tiny, extra-judgemental—and I DO mean “mental”—excuse for a mind…
            you are NOT “everyone”, sniveler.

          • b4k9zp

            So you are another of those whose intellect is so limited that you cannot communicate in obscene,foul language, making personal attacks at all times because you know you have lost any argument in which you participate? Obviously that is true.

      • b4k9zp

        Your comments are a perfect example. THey make you appear to be ignorant and just a foul mouthed redneck. You can accomplsh more by using civil language.

        • Oingo Boingo

          The insect that likes stinky cheese with his whine says WHUT ?

          • b4k9zp

            your comments still prove that you are an ignorant person who knows he has nothing in the way of facts, logic or reasoning to support his own idiotic opinions.

          • Oingo Boingo

            I’m done playing with you, since you’re beyond tiresome.
            Go suck on a can of RAID, insect.

          • b4k9zp

            Can’t stand it when someone calls you out for your preference for foul language and hate speech, can you? You only prove that your own intellect is less than zero and that your every comment is worthless.


  • Jerry Branson

    We who have served in the military did so to protect the rights of all citizens to be free under the Constitution. I have no stomach for anyone who would deny us our rights for freedom under our laws. That includes ALL the liberty included in the Constitution. That means we not only have those rights but one that guarantees we will continue to protect ourselves from the political radicalism that is now upon us.

  • Lefthandedcigs1

    This is one true sharp American ! I wish he was in congress!

  • David C. Poole

    The man speaks the truth. It IS time for the PEOPLE of this country to ORGANIZE and stand up to the “Tyrannical Endeavors of Government”. As a people, we still have a vast amount of power. BUT the time is NOW. In the words of Patrick Henry-“The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government – lest it come to dominate our life’s and interest.”

  • Sandy Eisner

    YES!!! GOOD!! THANK YOU! The Revolutionary War & the “Civil” War coming together.

  • Midnite Rider


  • ltmil7240

    AMEN to that brother. thank you for your service to this Country and to the Constitution of these United States and the Founding Fathers who would be Proud of you.

  • Elmer Bud

    Aaron is no different than most Americans – We elect people who say what we want to hear and what they will do for America, then they lie, cheat, steal and break their oath to America and the Constitution. Most Washington elected and special interest groups are Traitors to Everything American and should be Impeached, Prosecuted and Executed as the Traitors they are to America, The Constitution and the American People. Watch for the Traitor Obama to invoke Marshall Law before November so he can continue his rule as Dictator with no end!


    I’m starting to feel there is hope for this country again…..the one “the Greatest Generation” and others fought for. God bless you sir!

    • Mike Lawson

      I believe the ship is starting to turn in the right direction but like a large freighter or cruiseliner, it’ll take a while to tack. Don’t give up!


        Problem is, the colleges are turning out Marxists by the thousands. Our Ohussein is inviting illegals into America to vote and the electorate is too vapid to vote for ideology,
        instead of race or gender.

        • Mike Lawson

          True but the average Joe and Jane are becoming more educated, and hip to the tricks of the left. The silent majority is growing less silent everyday!

  • Keith Davidson


  • J. Ernst

    I hope HE keeps HIS job for exercising HIS 1st. Amendment Rights!!! I hope his neighbors, friends AND fellow citizens ALL wake up and support these timely and ETERNAL IDEAS; that we ARE FREE and LIBERTY-oriented peoples!!!

    Too many times GOVERNMENT RETALIATION is the NEXT STEP in quashing freedom. ESPECIALLY if, as in this case, a Law Enforcement employee actually SPEAKS HIS OR HER MINDS!!!

    The time for “Official Bravado”, (regarding STUPID/SUPERFLUOUS LAWS/LEGISLATION), and cowardice-laced rhetoric from ELECTED OFFICIALS SHOULD BE CONSIDERED OVER & DONE!!! If we the People don’t do MORE than “speak-up” at the local level then, AT LEAST WE CAN STILL DO IT!!!!

    There are MORE than just one of these American’s that are VERY CAPABLE of VOICING against IG-NORANCE of OUR U.S. CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!!!!! If it takes community by community to TAKE BACK our RIGHTS to be FREE OF OPPRESSIVE GOVERNMENTS, Monarchs, Potentates, Barons and Dukes…THEN…SO BE IT!!!

  • J. Ernst

    AND, just because ELECTED officials are thereby “connected” to the Fed & State DOLE, (of a different nature), they are just like you and me!!!
    If these f’wits want PURE DEMOCRACY then, WE the People should elect people LIKE YOU AND ME!!! Because there are MORE OF U.S. than THEM!!! Right?
    Instead of statisticians, political science majors, HEIRS of FORMER “officials”, or PAID-FOR-INSERTION “experts and banksters”, elect your neighbors!!!
    That’ll show ’em what a MAJORITY OPINION is all about!