Reasons GOP Insists On Emergency Border Wall

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Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) recently sat down with CNN’s “New Day,” to give better insight as to why the GOP is pushing to keep Trump’s national emergency declaration alive.

Kinzinger personally has been to the border and stated that it was a “really bad situation.” The biggest issues being drugs and human trafficking.

“What I saw was a really bad situation, something I think is deserving of a national emergency — not because of the immigration issue, but because of the drugs and the human trafficking,” Kinzinger stated. “If you think about the cartels, the Sinaloa and the Zetas, they basically make money on two things: One is trafficking humans, the other is trafficking drugs — both of which are over the border. I saw that lots of people die every year as a result of coyotes running and abandoning them. And so, I think it’s important to share that.”

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