State Bill Could Affect Armed Teachers

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Things could be changing for teachers who regularly carry in the state of North Carolina. At least they will if a Republican led bill passes the State senate.

Republican Senators Jerry W. Tillman, Ralph Hise and Warren Daniel are all standing behind North Carolina Senate Bill 192 or “The School Security Act of 2019.” The legislation would increase the pay of teachers that are willing to carry firearms on the job. 

The bill would allow a 5 percent pay increase for as many as 3,000 NC teachers. The state would also provide them with special training and grant them two additional weeks leave. 

“It is the goal of the State to protect students, teachers, and school personnel,” a part of the bill reads. “To attain that goal, to the extent funds are made available for this purpose, the State shall support the efforts of teachers to protect the school community by paying a significant salary differential to selected teachers who complete Basic Law Enforcement Training and become sworn law enforcement officers certified under Chapter 17C or Chapter 17E of the General Statutes.”

“This is an idea whose time has come,” Tillman said. “I believe this bill will see success.”

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