Teacher Freaks Out Because Student Writes Story about Shooting a Dinosaur

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One week into the school year and the anti-gun hysteria has already gone full throttle.

Summerville High School in South Carolina is the site of a new “exciting kind” of gun hysteria. One in which children are demonized for writing about killing fictitious dinosaurs with a gun.

Alex Stone has a vivid imagination.

That’s why when his teacher issued an assignment for the students to write Facebook-style status updates for a creative writing assignment, he decided to write about killing an animal that doesn’t even exist.

When the teacher saw the assignment and Stone’s vendetta towards the extinct animal, she decided to write him up. When Stone protested that what he did wasn’t wrong, the school’s administration decided they would need to suspend him.

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When Stone become upset at the suspension, the school decided they needed the police to intervene.

Stone was subsequently arrested for completing the assignment.

Police defended the arrest saying that Stone descended into disorderly conduct.

Yet Stone and his lawyers protested the arrest.

According to CBS WCSC:

Attorney David Aylor, who is representing 16-year-old Alex Stone, said his client’s arrest over a creative writing assignment on Tuesday was “completely absurd,” and is seeking to appeal the suspension and “proceed with the legal issues of [Stone’s] arrest.”

“This is a perfect example of ‘political correctness’ that has exceeded the boundaries of common sense,” Aylor said in a statement released on Thursday.

“Students were asked to write about themselves and a creative Facebook status update – just days into the new school year – and my client was arrested and suspended after a school assignment.”

It is absurd.

And even if Stone had gotten upset at being called out for writing what he did, who can blame him for being upset?

As Stone said, “I think there might have been a better way of putting it, but I think me writing like that, it shouldn’t matter unless I put it out toward a person.”

This is the climate we live in… a climate in which people are so sensitive that you can’t even write the word “gun,” or point a finger in the shape of a gun, or bite your food into the shape of a gun without getting into trouble.

Make no mistake, they want your guns, and they want to take your freedom.

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