The Surprising Thing a Judge Told the Guy Who Shot Down a Drone Spying On His Daughter

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27709575_sYou might remember this story.

A few months ago William Merideth was minding his own business while his daughter sun-bathed in the yard.

While enjoying the privacy of his own backyard Merideth couldn’t help but notice the all too familiar noise of tiny blades spinning above his yard.

A drone operated by an unknown pilot was sitting their hovering over his property, and according to Merideth, was focusing its camera on his young daughter.

Aghast at the invasion of privacy he withdrew to his house where he found his gun only to punch the annoying drone out of the sky with one well placed shot.

Well a judge determined Merideth had every right to do what he did.

A Kentucky judge has determined that William Merideth was within his rights when he pulled out a shotgun and shot down a drone that was allegedly spying on his family.

A Bullitt County District Court Judge has dismissed all charges against a man who shot down a drone he said was flying over his property.

The court hearing for William Merideth began Monday afternoon. He shot down a drone in Hillview earlier this year.

Merideth said the operator was violating his privacy and spying on his family, but Hillview police arrested Merideth for firing his gun within city limits and charged him with wanton endangerment.

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Monday’s hearing in Bullitt County lasted just over two hours and based on the judge’s ruling, William Merideth says he feels vindicated.

“Was it handled the right way, I don’t think so but justice came out in the end,” said Merideth.

It’s what he’s been saying all along, since shooting down David Boggs’ drone in July. Meredith says it was hovering over his Hillview property and he thought it was spying on his family.

“I was in my right to protect my family and my property,” said Merideth.

“Do you also agree that you chose to allow that drone to hover over some of those people’s property there on Earlywood Way?” said Merideth’s Attorney.

“No that’s not true,” replied Boggs.

During Monday’s hearing, Boggs testified that flight data showed the drone was flying higher than Meredith stated. But Judge Rebecca Ward says that since at least two witnesses could see the drone below the tree line, it was an invasion of privacy.

“He had a right to shoot at this drone, and I’m gonna dismiss this charge,” said Ward.

Judge Ward dismissed both charges against Merideth including criminal mischief and wanton endangerment.


That’s justice!

While I’d be quick to point out if there were any other residences near by shooting it out of the air might not have been the best call. But if Merideth knew his shot wouldn’t have put anyone in danger then by all means I think what he did was brilliant.

And it’s nice to have the law on your side.

As a commenter on the original article posted had Boggs climbed a tree that was overhanging into Merideth’s yard he’s be liable to be shot then, so why shouldn’t his drone also be subject to the same discretion.

Do you think he did the right thing?

Tell us below.

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